African history is forged upon the mutual assistance of community members, who have helped one another in acclimating to new surroundings, building new beginnings, and living the African Dream. The Mentoring Hub Africa Association continues the historic tradition of mutual aid, empowering individuals to live better lives through the strength of community.

Mentoring Hub African Association was proudly founded on 16th June 2019.



To inspire, develop and empower African youth through education and mentoring programs. To build emotionally, intelligent, socially responsible and self-confident citizens.


We continually provide people with different opportunities to engage in quality, affordable community education, entertainment, catering art, human resources and skills acquisition.


To create an active learning environment that extends the learning experience beyond the traditional school day.


We provide people with talent hunt discovery, youth empowerment option that allow them to learn in centre which is flexible understanding and nurturing.


Jenny O'Phil
Jennifer (Jenny O’Phils) Founder of Mentoring Hub Africa Association

I am Jennifer.O. Jenny o’phil and I hail from Achi in Oji-river local government area Enugu. the founder of mentoring hub Africa association, a musician, an actress, dancer an entrepreneur.

birthday: 29 Nov

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius


Our services are meant for everybody, no age limits. We train people on variety of skills and we help our student to develop their talents. We understand that people can get services like ours any other places but the reasons why we are leading globally and people prefer to subscribe to us is because we offer excellent training at a very cheap and affordable prices that you can never get elsewhere.

we train our students not only in education level but also teach them how to succeed in their fields. We teach our students on how compose, talk and be good citizens.

On completion of courses, our best performing students, based on recommendation from their respective mentor have the opportunity of securing a paying job through us.

We also give a certificate of course completion only to students who have successfully complete their registered course of learning overtime.


We teamed up with our mentors to help the society by making our trainings very cheap, so that everyone can afford education and training.

 The little money that we charge is to enable our mentors run some necessary logistics. Some of our mentors would sometimes choose to bear that cost of training logistics therefore training the students, free of charge.

 As a charity organization we cannot do it alone, so we are inviting the general public, individuals, international bodies, government and NGO, who wants to help to develop African communities to donate to our charity foundation.

We have the intention of sponsoring students to get the best training and skills acquisition through your funds, we also have the intention of establishing our best graduating students by giving them equipment and working tools to start up on their own.

Your little donation will go a long way in encouraging us and will be appreciated by the less privileged who shall benefit from it.

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